Skid Steer Hydraulic Post Hole Digger

SitePro skid steer hydraulic post hole digger attachment.The time-saving 924HC Hydraulic Post Hole Digger offers easy reach and access to difficult areas. Attachment features include exceptional up-front visibility and control, and the ability to apply down pressure for productivity in difficult conditions. A large selection of augers are available, with hardened alloy steel teeth for tough digging. Reversible rotation permits quick backout when unusual obstructions are encountered. Without leaving the seat, operators can dig hundreds of holes for fence posts, utility poles, sign posts, trees and shrubs, foundation footings and other applications with this hydraulic post hole digger attachment. View our literature.

the Manual
Download SitePro's skid steer hydraulic post hole digger manual


Model 924HC
Hydraulic GPM (min) 10-20
Hydraulic Pressure (min-max) 500-3000
PSI/bar 34-207
Auger Sizes Available (in/mm) 6-24 / 152-610
Gearbox Output Size (in/mm) 2 / 51 Diameter
Mount Type Universal Skid Steer
Weight (lbs/kg) 210 / 95
Product No. 902125


  • Provides the ability to reverse the auger should it become entangled in roots or rocks.
  • No need to replace shear-bolts or repair slip clutches.
  • No PTO lifting restrictions with the tractor, loader, or backhoe boom.