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  • New Grapples from SitePro®

    SitePro®, from Worksaver, Inc., introduces two new grapples to its family of Sweep Action Grapples, the SATG (Sweep Action Tine Grapple) and SASB (Sweep Action Solid Bottom Construction Grapple).  These models feature a patent pending grapple design that sweeps debris into the bucket, reducing clean-up time.  Material is moved into and retained in the bucket when the cylinder overcomes the spring pressure, causing the front rake to rotate towards the bucket in a sweeping motion.  Available in 72”, 78” and 84” models.

    The SATG Sweep Action Tine Grapple offers an open tine bottom with its sweep-in grapples, making it ideal for handling site demolition debris, rocks, brush, wood and metal. The sweeping action allows operators to pick up small materials without leaving the cab, eliminating hand clean-up, while leaving the dirt behind.

    The SASB Sweep Action Solid Bottom Construction Grapple is also equipped with sweep-in grapples and features a scrap yard tested solid bottom low profile bucket.  The bucket bottom is made of abrasion resistant steel with (3) - ½” x 4” reinforcing wear strips for longer bucket life.  The bucket cutting edge is drilled to accept a bolt-on beveled (reversible) cutting edge, increasing the durability and life of the bucket edge.

    SitePro offers a variety of skid steer, compact equipment, utility tractor and front loader attachments for material handling, small cement mixing work, snow removal, flatwork in construction, landscaping, contracting, demolition and storm clean-up, fencing, farm and ranch and other applications.

    New Trailer Mover Attachments from SitePro®

    SitePro® introduces two Trailer Movers with a 2” receiver tube with 5/8” hitch pin hole, one for mini skids and one for standard skid steers.  These receiver style movers are designed to move and spot standard ball hitch type equipment.  Both units accept standard 2” mount.

    The Mini Skid Steer Trailer Mover fits Toro® Dingo®, Boxer®, Ditch Witch®, RAMROD and more.  The unit is 24.13” wide and 9.88” high with a bottom support plate and angle gussets to ensure integrity.

    The Standard Skid Steer Trailer Mover is easy to use and attaches to full size skid steers once the bucket is removed.  This unit features a step thru design, allowing the operator unobstructed access to the cab of the skid steer and providing excellent forward visibility.  Maximum tongue weight and vertical lift capacity is 2,500 lbs.

    Mini Skid Steer/Compact Tool Carrier Grapples

    SitePro®, from Worksaver, Inc., introduces two new grapples, MGU-48 and MGB/G-48, designed for Mini Skid Steers/Compact Tool Carriers. These grapples consistently deliver high performance at a low cost. Model MGU-48 is designed to fit any unit with the “universal mini mount,” while Model MGB/G-48 is designed to fit the Bobcat MT-series and the Gehl 1640E. Overall unit width of both models is 48”.

    New Mini Snow Blades from SitePro®

    SitePro®, from Worksaver, Inc., introduces new Mini Snow Blades designed for Mini Skid Steers / Compact Tool Carriers. These 50” snow blades are ideal for clearing sidewalks, eliminating hand shoveling. Available with “universal” mini skid steer mount or Bobcat MT/Gehl, the mini snow blades feature a moldboard construction of 10-gauge steel with 3/8” x 6” bolt-on cutting edge. Skid shoes of abrasive resistance steel are standard equipment.

    New Mini Skid Steer Pallet Forks from SitePro®

    SitePro®, from Worksaver, Inc., introduces new pallet forks designed for Mini Skid Steers / Compact Tool Carriers to increase productivity. Two models are available, with both models featuring universal mini mount type. Model MPF-900 features forks that are 1” x 3” x 31.5”, mounted on a frame that is 30.5” wide with a rated capacity of 900 lbs. The rail-style Model MPF-2000 is rated at 2,000 lbs. and utilizes Class I tines of 1.18” x 3” x 42” on a 33.25” wide frame.

    Skid Steer Pallet Fork with One Piece Backstop

    SitePro®, from Worksaver, Inc., is introducing the SSPF-3748 Skid Steer Pallet Forks. Designed for contractors and ideal for handling pallets of bricks or boxes, this pallet fork features a one piece backstop with class II forks rated at 4,000 lbs. (for the pair). This attachment for skid steers features an all welded design, excellent see through visibility and easy loading with durable, tapered fork construction for long service life. The SSPF-3748 can also fit tractor loaders that use skid steer attaching systems.

    Piranha™ Power Landscape Rakes from SitePro®

    SitePro®, from Worksaver, Inc., offers Piranha™ Power Landscape Rakes as an addition to their line of professional grade attachments. Models are offered for skids steers, 3-pt. tractors, as well as walk behind units. These power landscape rakes remove debris or sod to prepare seedbed surfaces to pulverize and set grade on new construction sites, create a new lawn or renovate an existing lawn.

    A choice of 2" Sabre Tooth or 1-3/4" Carbide Tooth rotor is available. Replaceable bearing housings and triple seal bearings provide durability and serviceability. Other features include quick-flip up side shields that are self-storing on the unit, flip-up gauge wheels and material control bar.

    SitePro® Offers Skid Steer Attachments

    SitePro® offers a variety of skid steer attachments for material handling, small cement mixing work, digging and flatwork in construction, landscaping, contracting, demolition and storm clean-up, fencing, farm and ranch applications. The SitePro family of attachments include landscape rakes, Low Profile Tine Grapples, Low Profile Scrap Buckets, Grader Blades, Skid Steer Pallet Forks, Hydraulic Skid Steer Mixer, Split-top Grapple Rakes, Hydraulic Post Hole Digger and Crane Boom.

    Skid Steer Low Profile Scrap Bucket and Tine Grapple

    SitePro®, from Worksaver, Inc., offers the LPTG-72 Tine Grapple and LPSB-72 Low Profile Scrap Bucket attachments for skid steers, easily move rocks, dirt, brush, wood, metal and other materials for a variety of applications including construction site demolition and clean-up, storm clean-up, and landscaping. The scrap bucket and tine grapple both feature 72” overall length, 3,000 psi cylinders and cylinder guards. The tine grapple features 5 ½” tine spacing.

    PTO Driven Rotary Broom from SitePro®

    SitePro®, from Worksaver, Inc., offers 3-pt. Mounted PTO Driven Rotary Brooms for tractors with Category I, 3-pt. hitches. A double gearbox drive offers smooth power transmission and low maintenance, while a top T-Shaft gearbox allows for easy reversal of brush rotation. Other features include 32” diameter brushes in Poly or Poly/Wire, height adjustment chains and parking stands. The rotary brooms angle up to 30-degrees right or left with manual and hydraulic angle kits available. Optional features such as sprinkler systems and dirt deflectors are also available.

    Skid Steer Rotary Brooms

    SitePro® offers the SSMB Series of Skid Steer Mounted Rotary Brooms featuring a variable control valve which allows the operator to adjust the broom speed independently of engine or ground speed. These skid steer rotary brooms are available in 5-ft., 6-ft. and 7-ft. widths with 32 in. diameter convoluted brushes in Poly or both Poly and Wire. Other features include height adjustment chains for even operating position, parking stands and manual or hydraulic angle kit. An optional electric solenoid kit is also available for hydraulic angle adjustment kits on skid steers having one set of hydraulic remotes.

    Skid Steer Grader Blade from SitePro®

    SitePro® from Worksaver, Inc., offers the SSGB-8 Skid Steer Grader Blade for asphalt, landscaping, and concrete flatwork contractors, featuring an 8’ six-way hydraulically controlled moldboard with 25˚ rotation/tilt. Other features of this skid steer grader blade attachment include in-cab remote for precise control, shear pin protection, reversible cutting edge and optional laser system controls for grading accuracy resulting in cost savings.

    Skid Steer Pallet Forks

    SitePro® offers tractor front loader and skid steer pallet forks. Skid steer model features a step through design for easy cab access and visibility, allowing the operator to see the material being picked up. Solid steel alloy forks include spring-loaded latches for easy space adjustment is standard.

    Tractor models offer optional interfacing brackets allowing them to attach to most of today’s loaders. Class II forks, rated at 4,000 lbs. (pair), are standard on all models for long service life. These pallet forks provide outstanding versatility as skid steer or tractor front loader attachments.

    Snow Blades Available from SitePro®

    SitePro® from Worksaver, Inc. offers tractor front loader snow blades (SBFL Series) and skid steer snow blades (SBS Series) for snow removal in driveways, parking lots or other large areas. The new snow blade attachments are able to angle left or right for easier use and feature a 90” width and 3/8” x 6” cutting edge of 1044 steel.

    Other features include a reinforced 21” or 27” high 10-gauge moldboard, free floating blade to clean uneven surfaces and adjustable depth skid shoes come standard. A “universal” quick attach mounting system is built into the skid steer models and offers easy access to the operator’s seat. Optional interfacing quick-attach brackets are available for most tractor loader models and optional hydraulic angle adjustment kits are available for all models.

    Split-Top Grapple Rake from SitePro®

    SitePro® from Worksaver, Inc. offers the Split-top Grapple Rake, designed for the modern producer, with a split top design to provide dual independent upper grapples for clamping and holding uneven sized loads of material. This skid steer Grapple Rake attachment is designed to pick up brush and other debris, while leaving the dirt on the ground. It is ideal for piling limbs, in every yard/ranch/farm application and especially suited for orchard and vineyard maintenance.

    The Split-top is designed to fit as skid steer or tractor front loader attachments. The design of the teeth allows materials to roll in the front, yet is self-cleaning. Skid steer grapple rake models work with the “universal attaching” system. The tractor front loader models accept SitePro interfacing quick-attach bracket to work with the most popular loader models available. The Split-top is available in 62” and 77” widths.

    The pivot points have lubrication capabilities. Two hydraulic cylinders (2” x 10”) are used to open and close the grapple. Tines feature replaceable weld-on points allowing the operator to get completely under logs and brush piles.

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